What To Do When We Judge Our Kids (A Daily Practice)

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In coaching sessions and here at home, how we perceive our children was a big theme last week. I’ll admit, this week was a toughie for us over here.

I felt some familiar words come to mind during the frustrating moments- “bratty”, “stubborn”, and “demanding” to name a few. Oh, how it feels so accurate at the time!

What we might also notice is that these perceptions - these judgements- make a big impact on how we respond to our children. Don’t you think?

Particularly when they need us the most- during tantrums, learning the potty, squabbling with their sibling, wanting green cups all day errry day.

Truly, this can be a daily practice for us.

The daily practice is when we ask ourselves, “is there another way of looking at this?”

Could it also be that they are hungry, over- stimulated, navigating life with a new sib, or acting like a typical toddler? Or perhaps more gentle guidance is needed in this situation? Then we might notice the frustration and judgements soften a bit.

We start to understand and accept them better, and we feel more in flow. We respond in a more connected way. Our kids feel that too.

Have you noticed this process too? Which judgments and perceptions are you practicing letting go of?

Would ❤️to hear from you.

Lots and lots of love,


Sending lots of love,

Jesse xo

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