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Nurture Yourself While Nurturing Your Child's Sense Of Wonder

More ease. More delight.

Together, let’s create the family life you envision.



I’m Jesse.

Because we are so compassionate and caring, there is so much joy in motherhood. Yet, we can also feel stretched thin and exhausted. We are told that parenting involves sacrifice, yet sometimes it feels like too much. We feel guilty about these real feelings, and the frustration continues.

Luckily, we have a choice. We don’t have to stay stuck forever. We can feel deeply connected not only with our families, but with ourselves. We can transform into mothers who GLOW with the ease and delight that comes with learning a new way.

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“Lucky is the child who grows up with parents who basically accept and love themselves, and therefore can accept and love their child, who reminds them so often of their own selves.” - (1).png