On The Beauty Of Natural Motor Development

natural motor development

“If we give our children enough space and possibilities for free movement, they will move as beautifully and gracefully as animals: nimbly, simply, confidently and naturally.” -Dr. Emmi Pikler ❤️

Sometimes we can get so intrigued by the new gadgets out there that are said to help our babies sit and walk. With my first daughter, I remember wanting her to move more, yet I didn’t realize how teaching her how to sit up, and placing her in walkers actually slowed down her development.

She was stuck and had little choice in how to move her body. I read more about the RIE approach and Emmi Pikler’s research, and felt the truth behind natural motor development.

I tossed the walker and my expectations, and simply laid her on her back with toys nearby. What a difference! There, she stretched, kicked, lifted her head up and down, reached for toys. When she was ready, she taught herself how to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk all on her own.

It was magical!

I had to be patient and comforted her in the beginning, gently telling her that being on her back was “new for her.”

It was so beautiful watching her movements unfold, and I would marvel at her grace and confidence that eventually developed.

Like any other animal, babies need space and time to naturally develop.

There are zero gadgets that can teach something that comes within each individual person, ya know?

If you’re curious, here is some of Emmi Pikler’s research on natural development to get your started. Janet Lansbury is also a helpful resource.

natural motor development

Is natural development something you encourage at home? Are you interested in this topic? I’d love to hear and learn from you too!

If you're up for sharing what you're observing, or have any questions at all, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. I read every one.

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Sending lots of love,

Jesse xo

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