DIY Dollar Store Fairy Gardens

DIY fairy gardens

Didn’t these fairy houses turn out oh so cute?

I set out some pots with soil, and placed sheet moss, plastic jewels, acorns, coins, sparkles, more sparkles, seashells, sticks, and fairy furniture. We found nearly everything outside or at the Dollar Store of all places. The wedding sections at Walmart and Target also has some pretty things.

What else might your kids love to include?

It helps to wait for an interest in a craft before we go the extra mile setting it all up. That way, we don’t need to encourage or suggest ideas, and let the creativity flow in a fun and natural way by asking open-ended questions and setting up an invitation.

What crafts are your kids interested in these days?

It’s funny, because the child who is the most literal when it comes to fairies (“I’ll believe they exist when I see one, Mom. But I like their sparkles!”) was the one who spent 2 hours happily making it just so.

My other child added 1 jewel and announced, “I’m done!” 😆👌🏼Totally okay. We are all delighted by the magic and sparkle they bring to our back yard.

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