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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about family life. I wanted to know: what exactly creates a happy family life, even with typical struggles?

I’ve worked as a school teacher and have thoroughly enjoyed my training in the RIE® approach. It’s my passion! I love coaching parents and offering inspiring guides to help parents see the power they have to create the family life they envision. It’s not about perfection (heck no!). It’s truly about starting the journey.

I also find a whole lot of joy in being a stay at home mom.

This is my story, if you'd like to read more... 

In 2013, while exhausted and nursing my baby in the wee morning hours (and facing some doozy anxiety in my days), I scrolled my phone and stumbled upon a parenting approach that truly opened my eyes.

It's called the Educaring®Approach (RIE) which was founded by Magda Gerber, a child therapist who believed that babies are worthy of our respect as whole people from birth, and learn best through child-led play and soulful caregiving. 

She also had a unique perspective on the importance of emotions. I immediately felt inspired to try out a few ideas -especially a strategy that might help with my daughter's new penchant for biting me while I made dinner. Within a week, the biting stopped and even more compelling - I had a better understanding to why she bit me in the first place.

After making shifts in my parenting, I began my RIE® training, and I felt motivated to start meaningful self-care rituals. Each passing day, I could see and feel my family and personal life transform from anxiety and frustration, to more ease and joy. I do have my hard days because #momlife is like that, and that’s okay too.

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Jesse Silver

A SNIPPET: I’m Jesse – Living near SF. Mother of 2. Certified Teacher. RIE® Student. Jeans and Red Lipstick. Self-Care Junkie. Vintage Swooner. Meditation Newbie. Nature Lover. Part-time Worrier. Chocoholic. Moon gazer. Eternal Student. INFJ (what's yours?)

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