Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles

Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles

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This is more than just an e-Guide. It’s truly a made-for-you interactive guide which will transform the mundane and tricky times of parenting into cherished rituals with more ease, flow, and delight! It will help you to fine-tune and embrace the soul of respectful and positive parenting practices.

It’s easy to read and packed full of ideas that will inspire more connection, slowness, and soulful caregiving. Diaper changes will start to become enjoyable for both of you. You’ll celebrate “no car days,” and embrace sweet rituals at dinner time. You’ll reconnect with your inner-child and discover what delights her.

Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles is a 20-page PDF guide that comes with 7 worksheets, sent directly to your inbox upon purchase.


  • identify your caregiving strengths and how to get unstuck with some of the challenges

  • establish a play ritual with many learning possibilities

  • incorporate nurturing our own inner child throughout the day

  • start a powerful self-love morning routine

  • enjoy a reflective nighttime routine

  • make time doing what sparks joy every day

Attached are a few samples of what you’ll receive. Enjoy the entire interactive guide, from my heart to yours for just 11.00.

If you have a question or comment, please contact me at - I answer every one! -Jesse xo

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