Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles Worksheet Bundle

Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles Worksheet Bundle


Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles is the ultimate guide to transforming the mundane and tricky times into hands down, your family’s favorite times of the day.

This guide is packed with simple yet beautiful rituals which are influenced by my training in Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach (also known as RIE®), and my experiences as a mama and teacher. I also included rituals us mothers can do on our own that heal and nourish our inner child, who is longing to be reconnected with!


  • you’re looking to bring more ease, joy, and connection into your family life

  • you’d like for caregiving times to feel special again and less stressful

  • you want to create meaningful mealtime rituals with your family

  • you’d like to learn how to strengthen learning through play at home

  • you want to feel happy and nurtured and gain confidence as a mother


  • identify your caregiving strengths and how to get unstuck with some of the challenges

  • establish a play ritual rich with many learning possibilities

  • incorporate nurturing our own inner child throughout the day

  • start a powerful self-love morning routine

  • enjoy a reflective nighttime routine

  • make time doing what sparks joy every day

Parenting Rituals For Everyday Sparkles is a 20-page PDF guide that comes with 7 worksheets, sent directly to your inbox upon purchase.

If you have a question or comment, please contact me at - I answer every one! -Jesse xo

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