5 Beautiful Ways To Use Candles In Family Life


I’ve had a love affair with candles ever since my college days when my roommates and I would light a dozen of them while we watched The Bachelor. 15 years later, I see how candles makes every day family life feel extra special. Our children can enjoy family rituals with a soft, familiar golden glow (I always wonder if they will remember that glow as an adult?). Lighting a candle can begin an activity and blowing it out signals an end. As mothers, candles can bring the much needed comfort and stillness we need in the mix of busy family life. It truly feels magical!

Here are 5 easy ways to use candles in every day family life. I’d love to know how your family uses candles, and which of these ideas speak to you!

Light A Candle At Meal Times

When everyone sits down for dinner, light a beeswax or non-scented candle to really cast a gorgeous glow as your family eats together. As you light it with a match, it’s fun to have a simple rhyme that everyone can say together. For us, it’s, “candle, candle, burning bright, share with us your golden light!” I find that after we stop to light the candle and say our rhyme, the mood gets lighter too. The bickering about who’s sitting in what chair, and who doesn’t want peas takes a back seat - at least for a few minutes!

I share other meal time rituals your family will love in my guide, if that sounds helpful.

Light A Candle At Story Times

Since many of us already have a consistent routine of reading to our children (thoughtful mothers that you truly are), it can set a contemplative mood to light a candle during story time. Story times can also include using puppets or dolls, if you’re up for it. When story time is over, children might enjoy blowing out the candle and moving on to play or snack time.

story telling with children

Light A Candle At Bedtime

After children have brushed their teeth and changed into pajamas, it’s a lovely time to light a candle while you say a bedtime prayer, or perhaps sing a bedtime song or two. When the candle is blown out, children can ease their way into sleep in natural, sweet way. Beeswax candles have purifying properties for rooms, not to mention smell heavenly!

Self-Love For Mothers In The Morning

Mornings can feel bananas and full of of rushing around and cranking out breakfast while trying to find matching socks (at least this is what it looks like for my family!). Before you leave your room or at breakfast time, delight in a simple ritual, just for you. Affirm what a beautiful day you all have ahead of you. Imagine it all unfolding easily with a few sweet surprises you’ll all delight in. Read a daily book with a short and inspiring message.

Remember to talk sweet to yourself if you start to worry, “I am happy. I am the perfect mother for my children. All is well, sweetheart.” Blow out the candle and start the day. Note how you feel when you take the few minutes for this ritual, and when you skip.

morning rituals

Self-Love For Mothers In The Evening

Find a few minutes in the evening, just for you. For me, it’s right after I tuck the kids in bed. I find when I wait longer, I’m too sleepy and no longer in the mood. Light a candle and either think in your mind, or journal about what you appreciated about the day. It can be big, or small. Did you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning? Did pick up at school go smoother than usual? Did your kids do something especially hilarious or sweet? Feel how it felt and remember it all. Blow out the candle when you’re ready.

art journal

Another self-love idea: Start an art journal. No artistic skills are required! Find an old hard-covered book and grab your kid’s Dollar Store watercolors if you’d like. Grab a hot tea or your favorite cocktail. Paint how you’re feeling, honoring whatever that may be at the time. Feel a little rebellious drawing in a book, and delight in that. Here is an example of mine above! My 6 year old daughter often joins me with her own book.

candle making

If you’re curious how to make your own candles, here’s a video on how to do it at home. Your children might also want to help with some of the tasks! If it’s not your thing, store bought is just as dandy. I hope you enjoyed this post!

PS - Here’s a link to my guide if you’d like to weave more sparkly rituals into your every day family life. A warm thank YOU for supporting small businesses. :)

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