My 5 Favorite Podcasts As A Mom

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I’d love to know: what’s your go-to podcast?

For literally years, friends recommended podcasts to me and I vowed to tune in - only to 8 seconds later forget podcasts were a thing. I think it's because I assumed they'd be slow and drab. Or a bit like news radio? After (finally!) tuning into the podcasts that sounded the most fun and inspiring (I started with Oprah's, obviously) - there was no looking back. I've had many a-ha moments and laughs listening to podcasts of all kinds, and now I get a little thrill from listening to my favorite voices each week. 

If I have time in the morning, I usually listen to a parenting podcast that gets me motivated for the very long, mostly fun day ahead with a 2 year old and 5 year old. I find that even if I wake up feeling bugged - I'm much more relaxed, confident, and optimistic after a good parenting podcast. In the afternoon when my kids and I have our designated "quiet time, " I usually prop my tired feet on a pillow and read a good book or I listen to a podcast that interests me. It feels like quality "me" time because I'm learning something new, even though my kids are quietly squabbling over play dough nearby. 


Listening to a good parenting podcast can help me with my mindset for the whole day. This is especially helpful when I wake up bugged from an extra early morning riser, or when my 5 year old sneaks in our bed and sleeps starfish style all night. If I start my day reading the news or scroll social media - I find myself more short-tempered and get a dull headache. It makes a huge difference for me to get off on the right foot! I find Janet Lansbury's podcast called "Unruffled" helps me the most when I have a specific issue, or if I simply need to hear the tone of voice she uses in challenging situations that are similar to my own. She always offers a fresh perspective that helps me to relax and better understand my children, and become the calm, confident leader my children need. 

I'm also a big fan of Simple Families podcast. The host has a really down to earth approach to simplifying family routines - from colossal piles of laundry to creating a thoughtful (yet simple) play space. 


I absolutely adore my husband. Love love love. But there are definitely days when my partner and I either ruffle one another's feathers, or straight up argue until the cows come home. Marriage with two young children has some real challenges, and it's endlessly wonderful to not feel alone and get some real strategies to make it feel sweet again. Relationship podcasts are the next best thing to marriage therapy, and I find them incredibly helpful. This podcast is hosted by a married couple who talk about it all - from PMS to money problems and sex. I like to listen to relationship podcasts alone or with my husband once the children are in bed - and wouldn't recommend listening to them with kids around.


When I'm folding laundry or unwinding in a bath, Oprah is usually being her awesome self in my ear in her podcast called SuperSoul Conversations. She interviews some of the most inspiring and insightful people in the world - and asks them questions about their spirituality and the lessons they've learned. Most interviews leave me in happy tears and give me a lot of hope and compassion. I was glued to Dr. Shefali Tsabari on Conscious Parenting's episode and honestly feel that it enhanced my parenting and personal perspectives. She also interviews spiritual gurus and compelling people who have lessons to share after living through tough and extraordinary times. 

Tea With Robin is my new favorite podcast. I have been known to stop what I'm doing to tune in when I see a new podcast has gone live. Robin not only inspires people like you and me to live their dreams by building their own unique business - she also shares how to bring more sparkle, self-love, and forgiveness to our lives. She is incredibly relatable and funny, and feels like you're listening to your happy go lucky and wise best friend. 


But Why is a podcast hosted by kids and my 5 year old is really into it. Kids get to ask questions about the world, and they dive into the topic with an exuberant and funny perspective. I love that it models a love of learning and provides some pretty cool information. 

Circle Round is also a favorite around here if you're looking for sweet stories read aloud. The stories chosen are always unique and feel a bit like folklore. 


When I'm in the mood for something interesting and fun, Stuff To Blow Your Mind always blows my mind, and my good friend raves about book podcasts for book lovers. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’d love to know in the comments below!